WWE funds research into treatment of chronic brain trauma

WWE is gifting $1.2 million to help medical researchers study concussions and brain trauma

WWE is tag-teaming with medical researchers to take on CTE.

World Wrestling entertainment, proverbial for past stars such as Hulk Hogan and current champ John Cena, says it’s making a gift of $1.2 million over three years to any analysis geared toward developing a treatment for Chronic Traumatic encephalopathy. The brain disease, related to repeated concussions, has return underneath scrutiny amid concussion-related lawsuits by more than four,000 former NFL players against the league. CTE has been connected to depression and dementedness.

“Obviously, i believe it’s such a huge concern for everyone immediately in sports and within the military. As we tend to learn additional and additional about concussions and what can become of it, i believe it is a problem for everyone,” Paul Levesque, WWE government vice president of Talent and Live Events, told USA today Sports on Th.

The WWE says the gift may be a continuation of the Talent upbeat Program it started in 2006, that now includes a similar neurologic baseline testing employed in the NFL associate degreed such pro wrestling-specific mandates as a ban against bashing an opponent over the pinnacle with a metal chair.

“We still hit individuals with metal chairs, just not within the head any longer,” said Levesque, World Health Organization as a ring star and occasional wrestler is understood as Triple H. “We took out the things that … caused the foremost concussions and therefore the most head impacts.”

The gift is being created to the Sports heritage Institute, a state capital non-profit with a mission to advance treatment and hindrance of the consequences of concussions in athletes et al., such as troopers concussed by blasts. The Sports heritage Institute includes a pro wrestling connection: Co-founder Chris Nowinski contend soccer at Harvard however also wrestled within the WWE underneath names that enclosed Chris Harvard. His character had a move called the “Honor Roll.”

Nowinski, in approaching WWE with associate degree charm for funding, knew from his own wrestling career that it was committed the military. “I accustomed go visit operating surgeon (hospital), once I was talent there, on regular basis. thus i assumed they could be interested in funding CTE analysis, and that they were,” he said.

Nowinski sustained a concussion in an exceedingly 2003 match. the problems he had within the aftermath, from a kick within the head by Bubba Ray Dudley, burning his interest in hindrance and treatment.

“It wasn’t his fault. i used to be too close,” Nowinski said of wrestling Dudley. “And sadly I lied about my symptoms for five weeks and unbroken going. … I had a headache and was offensive when I got my heart rate up, however I fought through it as best I might.”

Times have changed since in wrestling. Levesque said the WWE performer known as Dolph Ziggler recently sustained a concussion — “He got hit with associate degree errant kick that was alleged to be within the chest, and somebody zigged once they ought to have zagged, and he got hit on the chin” — and is out for Sunday’s scheduled Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

The WWE gift are going to be employed by researchers at state capital University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic encephalopathy in an exceedingly new investigation geared toward finding out the effectiveness of potential treatments for CTE. The analysis are going to be crystal rectifier by neurologist/neuropathologist Ann McKee, co-director of the middle, and Lee Goldstein, one amongst the investigators.

“We’ve return a protracted method in five years,” McKee said. “This funding can any accelerate the pace of our analysis and hasten the development of ways to find CTE throughout life similarly as identify treatments to slow or stop its progression.”

In addition to eliminating chairs to the pinnacle, the WWE says it also has modified its training and maneuvers to curtail blows to the pinnacle. Levesque said the trouble is showing results.

“In 2011, we tend to had 25 concussions of the one hundred fifty talent (wrestlers) on the road all year long. … In 2012, we tend to only had eleven,” he said.

Levesque said pro wrestling is essentially different from soccer when it involves exhausting impacts.

“If you’re within the NFL, your goal is to try to hit the opposite guy as exhausting as possible. … The goal in what we tend to do is the exact opposite,” said Levesque.

“The goal in what we tend to do is initial and foremost … shield your opponent. while not him you have got nothing. … Our whole goal is to form something look as devastating as possible and as impactful as possible with as very little impact as possible. It’s really the art of what we tend to do. we really work on that with talent.

“If John Cena and that i are in an exceedingly story line along and that i hit John Cena exhausting and he gets contusioned, and he’s out, it hurts Pine Tree State the maximum amount because it hurts him. he’s out; now my opponent that i am in an exceedingly story line with is gone and my plot line just terminated.”

The analysis figures to benefit alternative sports, however Levesque noted that WWE usually gets its wrestlers from alternative sports: “We recruit plenty of our talent from alternative contact sports, NFL, NHL, football game and therefore the Olympiad. … it is vital for United States of America on wherever they’re coming from and what has happened to them before them about to United States of America because it’s … in essence what we’re getting as a talent.”

He said the wrestlers are the show within the WWE.

“With us, we’re making brands and we’re making stars, and those stars are the foremost important thing we’ve,” said Levesque. “We cannot just go obtain a secondary John Cena and have them get on the show.”

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