WWE: John Cena Is World Wrestling Entertainment’s Biggest Asset

Word Wrestling diversion could be a business. corporations area unit in business to form cash. once crucial why a corporation is productive or unsuccessful, most analysts try and confirm what elements of the corporate area unit assets and what elements area unit detriments. John Cena is WWE’s biggest quality.

Cena engenders associate degree uncommon reaction with WWE fans. Some love him, and a few hate him. There does not appear to be any middle ground. As play-by-play announcer Michael Cole likes to imply, no star in WWE history has elicited the emotional reaction that Cena creates. whether or not they love him or hate him, WWE fans sound once Cena comes out from behind the curtain. making fan reactions makes Cena WWE’s high quality.

One of the opposite ways in which Cena makes cash for WWE is thru merchandise sales. Over the past ten years, nobody has captive a lot of T shirts, hats and alternative miscellaneous things than Cena. whereas he might now not be the highest marketer, he is perpetually within the high 3. the present head, WWE Champion CM Punk, is probably going to drop off in sales when his WWE Championship match with The Rock at Royal Rumble. Cena can presumably regain the highest spot at that point.

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Cena additionally encompasses a established account of attracting fans to pay-per-view events. He has been conspicuously featured in seven of the highest ten grossing WWE PPVs since he rose to the highest of the cardboard. Cena’s WrestlMania twenty eight match with Rock headlined the top-selling WWE PPV in history, drawing roughly one.3 million buys per WWE.com.

Cena is that the face of the corporate moreover. No battler within the WWE makes a lot of public appearances, and Cena is known for his charitable work. To date, Cena has granted over three hundred desires for the Make-A-Wish foundation. He was the foremost visible star throughout WWE’s recent carcinoma campaign with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Cena is additionally heavily concerned in WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops broadcasts.

Aside from his charity work, Cena is additionally WWE’s biggest star with the thought fans and media (not enumeration Rock, United Nations agency is not a full-timeĀ  WWE employee). He has over two hundred separate TV credits and has appeared on shows like Sabbatum Night Live, The Tonight Show, The Apprentice, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Hannah American state. It’s well-known that WWE chairman Vince McMahon craves thought coverage. nobody could be a larger quality to WWE once it involves the typical yankee than John Cena.

Cena with Jimmy Kimmel in 2009

Cena is even a lot of standard on the social media. His official Facebook page has garnered over fourteen million “likes.” he’s additionally the highest WWE draw on Twitter. Cena’s Twitter feed has three.3 million followers. WWE is extremely targeted on the social media. Cena’s value to the corporate is unmatched, as indicated by his standing because the most well-liked star on the social sites.

Another issue that produces John Cena WWE’s biggest quality is that he’s a corporation man. Cena wrestles on a lot of shows than the other adept on the listing. He seems on tv even once lac and seems on all WWE shows, as well as SmackDown, Main Event and even Sabbatum Morning Slam. No alternative battler puts in additional time for WWE than Cena. He has additionally earnedĀ  the admiration of his co-workers. during a recent article on WWE.com, Cena was listed in concert of the foremost revered employees within the company by his peers.

Cena has star attractiveness. he is sweet-faced a number of the most important names in WWE history, as well as Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Batista, CM Punk, ruttish Orton, Kurt Angle, Edge, Shawn Michaels, mortician and Rock. he is appeared onscreen with Hulk Hogan, Ric aptitude and Stone Cold Steve Austin. nobody else on the listing has had a better profile than Cena. he’s a legitimate star and one amongst the highest employees in WWE history.

Cena is additionally one amongst the foremost embellished superstars within the history of World Wrestling diversion. he is command the WWE Championship a record ten times and has won nineteen belts overall. once it involves credibleness with the fans, there is not any substitute for titles, and Cena has won quite his share. He remains one amongst the foremost fascinating stars in WWE even while not a title belt. Cena hasn’t command a serious title since 2011, and still ranks in concert of the highest attracts within the WWE.

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Cena may well be most beneficial to WWE as a star maker. His recent interactions with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler have boosted each into the WWE main event image. His battles with CM Punk legitimized Punk’s year-long reign as WWE Champion. As WWE’s high babyface, Cena mechanically elevates the profile of any heel he faces. If he were to show heel any time within the close to future, he’d have a similar result on the WWE babyfaces.

WWE has no a lot of vital quality than John Cena. he is the foremost recognizable to fans, has enough star power to require on any WWE legend and his presence alone helps build new stars. Year-in and year-out, he sells a lot of merchandise than the other adept, and he is a established draw on PPV events.

Love him or hate him, you have got to admit that John Cena is that the most vital quality within the WWE.